Bosch Launches New Iridium Spark Plug; Once Again, Breaks New Ground in Spark Plug Innovation -

Bosch Launches New Iridium Spark Plug; Once Again, Breaks New Ground in Spark Plug Innovation

New Bosch Iridium provides exceptional ignitability, performance, and durability, offering four times longer service life compared to standard copper plugs.

It was 1902 when Robert Bosch invented the first commercially viable high voltage spark plug and magneto that revolutionized the automotive industry. Now in 2011, after a long history of its major spark plug innovations – such as heat ranges in spark plugs, copper core spark plugs and long-lasting platinum spark plugs – Bosch is once again breaking new ground.

The new Bosch Iridium spark plug was developed using the same leading-edge innovations in design, manufacturing processes and materials found in Bosch spark plugs used by Domestic, Asian, and European original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) around the world.

New Bosch Iridium provides exceptional ignitability, performance, and durability, offering four times longer service life compared to standard copper plugs.

“The move to smaller engines and from carburetors to port injection to gasoline direct injection (GDI) required a significant change in spark plug technology,” said Mark Wilkinson, Group Product Manager for Spark Plugs for Bosch. “Developed in close collaboration with automakers, the fine-wire center electrode with our proprietary iridium alloy meets the demanding conditions in modern engines. By maintaining the OE spark position/gap and using ‘Best-in-Class’ materials ‒ iridium alloy which is designed to give maximum life ‒ and exclusive manufacturing processes, new Bosch Iridium surpasses all other spark plugs by delivering both performance and long life – all at a competitive price,” he said.

“Bosch Iridium’s outstanding performance and durability are due to its basic design: the extensive use of precious metal in both the center and tapered ground electrodes, and the unique Bosch 360-degree Continuous Wave Laser Welding process. Our best-in-class laser welding processes ensure durable precision welds which will prevent micro fractures caused by the intense heating and cooling experienced by a spark plug over its lifetime,” Wilkinson said.

New Bosch Iridium is designed for Domestic, Asian, and European applications and will cover 71 percent of vehicles in operation with 15 part numbers launching in June 2011.  The program will be expanded in the coming months to include additional part numbers and vehicle coverage.

Bosch Iridium is backed by an industry-leading 7-year satisfaction guarantee and a 12-month professional technician warranty for repair shops that includes:

•    Labor charges for replacement covered by Bosch for up to one year after installation
•    A toll-free number for processing and tracking claims due to defects in materials and workmanship.
•    A downloadable online claim form

According to Wilkinson, “New Bosch Iridium’s ‘Best-in-Class’ OE design, best coverage, product guarantee/warranty, and competitive pricing make it clearly the best value in the market for repair shops, distributors and motorists.”

“At Bosch, we constantly endeavor to redefine and improve the product segment to drive profitability for our retailer and installer customers and enhance value for the consumer,” said Wilkinson. “The premium spark plug segment has been growing steadily and Bosch’s strategy has been to use the latest OE-driven innovations to offer a premium quality product to the motorist while enhancing profitability for the entire service industry. New Bosch Iridium addresses the needs of the iridium plug market segment with high performance and quality that are synonymous with the Bosch brand,” he said.

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