Victor Reinz Reinzosil® Is the Real Deal  -

Victor Reinz Reinzosil® Is the Real Deal 

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One RTV Silicone Sealant Really Can Do It All

Blue, gray, red, black, oil resistant, or high torque? With so many options in room-temperature-vulcanizing (RTV) silicone sealants, deciding which to use for each application can be a challenge for repair shop owners and service techs. Never mind managing excessive SKUs that can throw a wrench in productivity and the carrying cost of inventory that can tie up capital.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was just one RTV silicone sealant that could do it all? Now there is! 

Whatever the Application, Reinzosil® Is the Answer

Demonstrating over a century of excellence in manufacturing gasket-making technology, Victor Reinz® is a globally recognized leader in developing sealing products that advance the status quo of the industry. The latest of these innovations is Reinzosil.

Distributed by Dana, the global leader in the supply of highly engineered driveline, sealing, and thermal-management technologies, Reinzosil is a universal RTV silicone gasket maker and sealant that can take the place of over a dozen different RTV varieties. Not only does Reinzosil help eliminate confusion from numerous SKUs, but it allows shop owners to save their valuable shelf space and dollars for other needs. 

And with the wide range of advantages Reinzosil offers, it’s no wonder that it’s fast becoming the first choice in RTV sealants for car repair–specialists around the world. 

A Tough Sealant that Takes It Easy on Sensors

Reinzosil is a fast-curing and sensor-safe sealant, which means it cures quickly but emits less gas in the process to prevent damage to sensitive oxygen sensors. It’s also non-corrosive for use on metals, unlike competitive acetic sealants that are shown to corrode brass surfaces. But that doesn’t mean Reinzosil isn’t tough. Reinzosil is a silicone gasket maker that can take the place of traditional cork and paper gaskets with excellent resistance to any fluid it might come up against, including mineral, synthetic, and diesel oils, and fuels, lubricants, and detergents.

Unmatched Versatility and Stability

Suitable for use on most under-hood applications, Reinzosil is ideal for sealing intake manifolds, valve covers, axles, differential covers, and oil pans, delivering a durable seal on smooth or rough sealing surfaces and in rigid torque or high-vibration applications. In high-temperature environments, test after test proves Reinzosil outperforms its competition in more ways than one.

Thermal Stability

In thermal testing for 500 hours at 482°F (250°C), Reinzosil outperformed the closest competitors by over 30 percent, retaining its shape and 91.18 percent of its original weight compared to its competitors’ 56.32 and 59.88 percent [Fig. 1]. These results revealed instability and shrinkage of competitive products while Reinzosil held up under the extreme heat. 

Figure 1.  Competitive testing results for stability. 

Additional testing revealed decomposition of a competitive product at 230°F (110°C) while Reinzosil decomposition didn’t begin until 750°F (400°C). 

Lasting Elasticity

The Shore A hardness scale ranges from soft to hard, starting from zero and ending at 100. During hardness testing, again for 500 hours at 482°F (250°C), Reinzosil exhibited over two times better flexibility than the closest competitor with a 31 on the hardness scale [Fig. 2]. Compared to its competitors’ scores of 65 and 88, Reinzosil proved to remain soft and pliable under high temperatures while competitive products became rigid and unstable.

Figure 2. Competitive testing results for flexibility.

Convenient Sizing and Ease of Application 

Every tube of Reinzosil universal RTV sealant comes with a graduated tip that allows the customization of the bead size to the application, plus a unique Dana Squeezer Key™ that facilitates the distribution of sealant at a consistent rate for the precise application of a clean, even bead — and aids in accessing the very last drop of Reinzosil.

Reinzosil is easy to stock, offering an excellent shelf life of 24 months, and is available in three convenient sizes to match the needs of every job: 70 ml tubes, 200 ml aerosol cans, and 310 ml cartridges. 

[H2] You Can Depend on Reinzosil 

You need an RTV sealant you can depend on in the most punishing conditions, and that’s why Dana stands behind Victor Reinz® Reinzosil. Offering excellent resistance to fluids and stability in extreme temperatures, Reinzosil’s unmatched durability, flexibility, and versatility makes it a favorite among import car–repair specialists — and we think it will soon become your favorite RTV sealing solution, too. Learn more about Reinzosil at

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