A Complete Stopping Solution For Every Customer

A Complete Stopping Solution For Every Customer

Every driver is looking for an easy solution to their braking needs. Sponsored by The Group Training Academy.


No matter the scope or diversity of your business, there is one thing that every driver who rolls into your shop has in common with everyone else – the desire to have the right service performed for their needs.

While every other aspect of your day may be different – from the vehicles you welcome to your shop to the jobs your techs perform – one thing is clear. No matter their differences, every driver is looking for an easy solution to their braking needs, no matter where or how they use their vehicles.

Simple, right? Well of course not – one size does NOT fit all.

Take your “daily driver” description. John drives an SUV, truck or other large vehicle. He’s looking for better than “stock replacement,” that looks good, is dust and noise-free and won’t break the bank. At the same time, Jill drives a car, wants reliability and value and is looking for installation options.

The description of “lifestyle enthusiast” can be equally vague. Tiffany is an off-roader who needs better stopping power for heavy towing, downhill driving and to accommodate larger tires on her Jeep. Chris drives a modern muscle car or other high-performance vehicle. It NEVER sees rain or dirt so brake dust is a non-starter. Because of the power under the hood, he demands great stopping power as well.

Think the brakes needed by Mom, Pop and the kids are hard keep track of? Don’t forget your professional customers. Do you handle fleets? Of course you do – but just what is a fleet customer? That description can be even harder to pin down.

From Last Mile delivery vehicles to municipal safety and transportation fleets to independent utility and work vehicles, the need to do the right job the right way is critical. Cars, light duty pickups, heavy equipment and hauling vehicles all the way up to some of the largest trucks – they may be your fleet customer.

PowerStop’s fleet program is designed to help you successfully grow in the fleet market, with guidance to help understand what is important to fleet managers and how their circumstances are different than traditional installers. You’ll learn about the right solution for each need by learning not just what type of vehicle is in the fleet, but how it is being used, and building the best recommendation from a family of fleet products.

No matter how different each of your customers is from the next, every one of them needs your expert service and every one of them demands – and deserves – the best stopping products. Luckily, you have a complete solution at your fingertips.

For more ways to talk about stopping with your customers, visit PowerStop.com.

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