It's Time to Nominate The Next 2023 School of the Year!

You Can Nominate The 2023 School of the Year!

The 2023 School of the Year competition finds and names the best technician training school in the country.

From Portland, Maine to Portland Oregon, and from Westfield, NJ to Westfield, OH to Westfield, Texas, we’re searching for the best of the best. We want you to be part of the journey!

Hi everybody I’m Doug Kaufman, editor of Tomorrow’s Technician. I’m excited to announce that WIX Filters and O’Reilly Auto Parts are again partnering with us as title sponsors of Tomorrow’s Technician 2023 School of the Year competition, a national contest that finds and names the best technician training school in the country.

The School of the Year competition is open to all high schools or post-secondary schools that participate with Tomorrow’s Technician’s newsletters, website or learning management system. Nominations are open now through November 29, and 20 finalists will be announced after all submissions are received. Judges will then review entry criteria and select the top school from each of four regions of the U.S. The winner will be selected from the four finalists and announced in the fall.

Bragging rights are one thing – but there’s more!

The winning school will receive a visit from us at Tomorrow’s Technician, as well as our program sponsors, a $10,000 WIX Filters donation to the school’s program, WIX Filters gear and an appearance by the WIX mobile marketing unit as we celebrate with you in person.

There’s a lot more to know about this years’ program, so don’t miss your opportunity to show your school pride. Visit Tomorrow’ Look for the Contests icon and click School of the year. The initial entry form and details about the video entry requirements can be found there.

Remember, initial nomination deadline is November 29, but don’t wait! No matter where you are across the home of the free and the land of the brave, nominate your school’s program today!

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