Hoverboard Inventor Unveils Two-Wheeled EV Concept

Hoverboard Inventor Unveils Two-Wheeled EV Concept

Is SHANE, a new parallel two-wheeled vehicle, the future for everyday urban and highway use?

Shane Chen, inventor of the original Hoverboard, introduced his latest invention, SHANE: a parallel two-wheeled electric car concept. SHANE is the first two-wheeled car concept to be practical and efficient for everyday urban and highway use, Chen said. Chen said he is a long-time inventor whose active lifestyle and imagination have fueled his vision of enhancing the activities he enjoys by creating innovative yet practical inventions. Chen holds a total of 76 patents including the Hoverboard, Solowheel, Orbitwheels, Powerwing and Aquaskipper.

SHANE side
The SHANE concept – in which the wheels automatically react relative to the car body to keep the car in balance – means the car can safely travel at high speeds, a capability that has not been previously possible, according to the inventor.

According to Chen, key features of this car concept include:

  • Stability: SHANE’s shifting center of gravity relative to the wheels counters the driving and braking torque to keep the car level, making it as stable and safe as being on four wheels;
  • Maneuverability: Maneuverability and parking are easy with SHANE, thanks to two-wheel differential speed control;
  • Energy Efficiency: SHANE features large wheels that minimize rolling resistance and in-wheel regenerative shocks that save damping energy to recharge the battery.

“Two-wheeled cars have simply not been practical or stable enough for everyday driving, until now. I was excited to create a car concept with two wheels that can go at high speeds and be energy efficient. I truly believe SHANE will make a difference in how we ap

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