Aftermarket Division of Bosch Launches EV Training Tour

Aftermarket Division of Bosch Launches EV Training Tour

Training for up to 20 attendees per eight-hour workshop will be available over the course of 20 weeks.

Bosch’s Mobility Aftermarket division, a global supplier modern diagnostic and repair shop equipment and parts, has officially launched the Bosch EV Training Tour alongside its supplier, AVI, an award-winning technician training organization. The EV Training Tour began Thursday, March 21, in Fort Myers, FL, with a “Breakfast with Bosch” kickoff event and will travel across the country beginning in early July.  

“As a trusted industry resource, Bosch is committed to empowering shop owners and technicians with the tools and knowledge to successfully navigate the electric vehicle transition. We’re proud to offer an immersive experience that leverages diagnostic and repair techniques attendees will use when servicing electric vehicles,” said Daniel Angelo, director of technical services at Bosch. “This course is designed for technicians with an intermediate skill level in EV repair – giving them more hands on experience to expand their understanding and skill set.” 

The EV Training Tour will hold three one-day, eight-hour courses in different cities across the United States. Each course will have a maximum of 20 attendees. The Bosch-created curriculum will be instructed by a Bosch certified AVI professional trainer and feature EV repair-related topics including the fundamentals of an electric vehicle, electric motor concepts, Power Electronics, Maintenance and Troubleshooting topics and more. 

In addition to learning relevant EV-maintenance from industry experts in a classroom-like setting, attendees will leverage training aids, built by AVI, to easily access and work with electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle systems in a hands-on environment. These training aids include:  

  • Cutaway Toyota Gen III Prius: Offers a view of a vehicle’s internal components to showcase how different systems, including the battery, motor and air conditioning, interact. 
  • Electric vehicle training aid cart (EVA): Simulates diagnosing and repairing an electric vehicle battery and motor without exposure to a live high-voltage battery. 
  • AC Cart: Replicates the unique air conditioning and cooling systems in electric vehicles and hybrids in a safe environment. 

“Many EV models are well past their warranty – creating an opportunity for independent repair shops to open their business to EV owners. However, without firsthand experience and training, many technicians will be unable to provide these services safely and successfully, and could potentially lose business,” said Tom Rayk, director of training at AVI. “Our technical aids, combined with the Bosch EV repair curriculum, will arm technicians and shop owners with the real-world experience they will need to prepare for the electric vehicle transition.” 

To learn more about the Bosch EV Training Tour, visit

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