Gentex to Demonstrate Automotive Tech at CES 2024

Gentex to Demonstrate Automotive Tech at CES 2024

Gentex will showcase its collaboration with ADASKY, focusing on advancing thermal imaging technology for the automotive industry.

Gentex Corporation will present its latest technological advancements at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. The company, known for its contributions to the automotive, aerospace, and fire protection industries, will feature interactive displays, integrated vehicles and product simulators at its booth.

Steve Downing, chief executive officer of Gentex, emphasized the significance of the event, stating, “This year marks not only a golden milestone of 50 years in business, but also a year of groundbreaking achievements and unparalleled innovation,” he said.

Gentex will showcase its collaboration with ADASKY, focusing on advancing thermal imaging technology for the automotive industry. This partnership, announced in May 2023, aims to enhance ADASKY’s Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) sensors and integrate them into Gentex’s product portfolio. The collaboration is expected to improve passenger and pedestrian safety, especially in low light and adverse weather conditions, the company said.

Gentex’s booth will also feature a Full Display Mirror (FDM) integrated with a rearward-facing thermal camera from ADASKY, enhancing nighttime driving and reversing safety.

Another highlight at CES is Gentex’s development in driver and in-cabin monitoring systems (DMS). With the upcoming European Union General Safety Regulations mandating DMS in cars, Gentex is showcasing a mirror-integrated DMS that tracks driver behavior and can expand to monitor cabin occupants and objects. The system is now integrated into Gentex’s FDM, a digital rearview mirror.

Lastly, Gentex will display enhancements to its FDM technology, including next-generation cameras and advanced digital signal processing for improved nighttime visibility. The FDM, launched seven years ago, is now used in over 25 brands and 100 different vehicles globally.

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