FedEx Freight: TechForce Foundation FutureTech Success Campaign
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FedEx Freight Supports TechForce Foundation’s FutureTech Success Campaign

The company joins the growing industry-wide initiative to close the skills gap and fuel the next generation of technicians.


FedEx Freight is joining forces with TechForce Foundation and the FutureTech Success campaign to raise awareness of trade and technical careers and address the growing demand for technicians in the transportation industry.

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As a result of decades of pushing the message to students that a four-year degree is the only path to a desirable career, today’s workforce faces a serious problem, according to the TechForce Foundation. A staggering amount of college graduates leave school without serious job prospects for their degree. Meanwhile, jobs in the skilled trades remain unfilled because there are not enough qualified candidates.

By joining the FutureTech Success campaign FedEx Freight has shown its commitment to re-positioning the perception of the technician profession from the outdated “grease monkey” stigma to a high-demand, high-growth STEM career. The campaign seeks to reach parents and influencers of today’s middle- and high-school students to highlight the rewarding, high-tech and in-demand career of transportation technicians.


“It is our privilege to support an organization that knows the value of investing in technical career education and opportunities for the future success of students and fleets,” said Michael Hoffman, vice president of facilities, equipment and maintenance for FedEx Freight.

“TechForce is proud to partner with FedEx Freight, a company that understands the gravity of the automotive and diesel tech shortage in America and is willing to join efforts to keep America rolling,” said Jennifer Maher, CEO and executive director of TechForce Foundation. “Their support will help us continue to close the skills gap and fuel future techs to reach their full potential in this career.”

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