Carice Introduces The TC2 Electric Convertible

Carice Introduces The TC2 Electric Convertible

Vehicle blends classic sports car styling with electric technology,

Netherlands-based automaker Carice unveiled the Carice TC2, an electric convertible. This new model combines classic sports car styling with sustainable technology for a driving experience that is both elegant and environmentally friendly, the company said.

“With the TC2, we wanted to create art on wheels,” Carice founders Niels van Dril and Richard Holleman said. “We distilled the car to its purest form and everything that’s in there has been created with an eye for detail. We’ve brought the essence back into driving, with a car of only 630kg (approx. 1,300 lbs) and a range of more than 300km (approx. 180 miles).”

This new model combines classic sports car styling with sustainable technology for a driving experience that is both elegant and environmentally friendly, Carice said.

In 2011, Carice produced its first electric cars, although in limited numbers. To be able to meet demand, the manufacturer said it decided to develop a new EV and set up a full production line. They are now able to produce cars in series completely independently where they can control quality and continuity in-house.

The first series of Carice TC2, reserved by clients who have placed an order during the development phase, is already sold out—these clients can expect delivery of their Carice soon, the manufacturer said. Carice is accepting reservations for the next production series, the Carice TC2 is available from €44,500 (approx. $48,000) excluding VAT and will be produced in limited quantities.

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