Jason Stahl, Author at Shop Owner Magazine
Don’t Be Quint – Embrace ADAS And Modern Technology

We must allow new tooling and technology to help us be more adaptive to servicing modern vehicles.

What’s To Blame For Prevalence Of Angry Driving?

As Phil Connors warned in ‘Groundhog Day,’ driving angry leads to bad things.

Aftermarket or OE? Windshield Debate Takes On A New Twist

New ADAS features mean glass tolerances and its relationships with components be correct for proper function.

Answering The Phone: Don’t Give Your Customers The Runaround

Is your team equipped so they don’t have to put a customer on hold or transfer them to someone else?

Tackling Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can be a tricky subject for a business to navigate. Add the fact that many states have now, for instance, legalized marijuana for medical purposes, and you may find yourself scratching your head over what to do if you encounter an issue with an employee.