Presentation: Multi Shop Operations

Presentation: Multi Shop Operations

Larry Monroe gave tips behind being a successful multi-shop-operator on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday afternoon, Larry Monroe of DRIVE presented a multi shop operations presentation to a group of shop owners.

Shop owners learned what they need to handle with their skill set and systems & businesses.

“Taking on the game of being an MSO – Multi-Shop-Operator – is an exciting new level of management skill,” said Monroe. “We have had many DRIVE Owners who have jumped in – and many others who are considering it.  This mini-Workshop will discuss what you need to handle with your skill set, systems & businesses – to play this game the right way!  Even if you have already started as an MSO, you should attend.  There are many ways be an MSO – and be great,” Monroe continued.

“Is your system for ordering parts, stock parts, fluids and chemicals documented in policy and followed by all- in each location?” Monroe asked the audience.

Monroe says comebacks come from weak QC and/or delivery processes. Monroe continued by asking the attendees if their apps were designed to be used with multiple locations for SMS, accounting and more.

Monroe added shop owners should ask themselves if the shop’s equipment is the type they would want in all locations. Monroe asked the audience to think if they were looking at upgrading or adding equipment.

Monroe also touched on key positions. “Are the employees skilled enough to train people for similar positions in your other locations?” Monroe asked the shop owners.

“Something we just started doing, we have one service advisor that really loves training, so when we hire someone at another location, we bring them in to meet this service advisor at our main location for onboarding before we let them go to their designated shop,” one shop owner said.

“It’s vital to have a deputy system in place whether you’re one shop or five,” Monroe said. “Do you have a plan to staff the new location without stripping the home shop of key players?” Monroe continued.

Other questions Monroe discussed included management, structure and more.

Monroe finished off by reiterating the fact that no matter the number of shops, regularly scheduled training programs are vital to success. Monroe says training must be done regularly and is not an option.

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