Presentation: General Keynote

Presentation: General Keynote

The General Keynote at this years DRIVE EXPO was presented by Jim Saeli, senior speaker of DRIVE.

On Friday, September 15 at the 2023 DRIVE EXPO in Las Vegas hosted at the Westgate Resort & Casino, DRIVE’s senior speaker, Jim Saeli, gave an energetic keynote presentation to lead off the weekend.

Saeli delivered a powerful message to the shop owners in attendance, highlighting their pivotal role as the backbone of the auto industry. The keynote, held at the Westgate Resort & Casino Ballroom, started with a video that set the stage for an energizing experience.

“Today’s automotive landscape is drastically different from three decades ago,” said the video narrator. “The changes are not just under the hood, though. Vehicles are now tech havens,” the narrator continued.

Ballroom floor at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

After the video finished, Saeli made sure to use the first few minutes of the keynote as a massive icebreaker, with Saeli encouraging everyone in the room to break down barriers and connect by saying hello to each other in various ways, fostering an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie.

Attendees shake hands during the icebreaker

“Jim Saeli emphasized several key traits essential for a Shop Owner’s success,” said Nadine Battah, multimedia senior editor of ShopOwner magazine. “These traits include always showing up, always learning, always improving, and always articulating your needs and desires. He stressed the importance of continually asking questions to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving industry,” Battah added.

Saeli reminded shop owners that they are not merely spectators but active participants in an industry that is constantly evolving. “Times are changing, and you need to be a part of it,” Saeli noted.

Throughout the keynote, Saeli weaved in anecdotes and insights from his own experiences, providing shop owners with tangible takeaways.

Attendees of the 2023 DRIVE EXPO

Saeli reiterated the fact that DRIVE was and always will be a resource to shop owners. “We’re here to guide you, to help you, and allow you to understand the game,” said Saeli. “The game has changed over the years, hasn’t it, and it’s changing even more,” Saeli continued.

Attendees left the event inspired, equipped with the mindset needed to thrive during the remainder of the EXPO.

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