EXPO Attendee Testimonials

EXPO Attendee Testimonials

The DRIVE EXPO connected shop owners with tips to success.

The Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas played host to an electrifying weekend as the DRIVE EXPO brought together shop owners from across the nation. With a thirst for knowledge and ideas flowing, this event surpassed expectations for many attendees. As we reflect on this exhilarating weekend, the voices of this past weekends attendees take center stage, sharing their remarkable experiences and the immense opportunities that unfolded under the desert sun.

“Everything was great for me,” Gustavo Meza of Guss Automotive LLC said. “I learned a lot of information here. The presentations have been very valuable to me, and a lot to bring back to my team back home,” Meza continued.

Jose Briones of ACE Total Car Care also spoke about his experience. “Our experience at DRIVE has been phenomenal,” Briones said. “We have truly enjoyed the networking aspect but also how simple it is to have a different life then we could have ever imagined.”

Dave Rogers of Bluegrass Collision Center also commented on the EXPO and said “I’ve learned a lot,” Rogers said. “I haven’t been to the EXPO in a couple of years and there’s a lot of new things with apps and everything is digital now so this afternoon I was sitting in a meeting and realized I’m probably going to be spending some money soon when I get back,” Rogers continued.

The DRIVE EXPO provided attendees with access to seasoned mentors, industry experts, and a robust support network.

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