How To Boost Car Count 10% By Improving Customer Service
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How To Boost Car Count 10% By Improving Customer Service

if you seek the virtue of continuous improvement and being even more successful this year than last, read on.

The stats vary, but according to consulting firm Marketing at Work, most businesses across all industries lose between 10-25% of their customers each year for various reasons. And, if this is true, then we can recognize that excellence is not static. Growing our business requires a dynamic approach. One that recognizes that what got us to this point is unlikely to take us to where we need to go. 

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In to a recent article in Tire Review magazine, author Jeff Wallick says the idea that our connection between each other and our customers – that “A rising sea lifts all boats,” isn’t entirely true. Because some boats don’t float and the tides of change tend to relegate those to the history books.

To read the entire article on how leveraging the three C’s of customer service will help shops keep customers, grow business and sell more product including tires, click HERE.

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