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Flat Tire? Low Tread? Replace and Save Up To 80%

A recent report from Hankook Tire’s Gauge Index discovered that 41% of drivers have gotten a flat tire in the last year. Americans also drove more in 2023 than ever before, which means cars will need more maintenance, including tires. The cost of rubber, like most consumer goods, continues to skyrocket. An easy way to

Do You Suffer From CED? Good News – It’s Curable

The creep of Customer Experience Decline can take hold if you allow your shop to lose focus.

Roger’s Tire Service Focuses On Customers And Community

Central Ohio Ag Tire Dealer grows business by serving farm customers from a barn.

Shop Management – Accountability

Ways to use measurement and accountability to grow your shop all year long.

Jerry’s Automotive Service, Waukesha, WI  

Shop owner Harrison Keyes highlights his team’s contributions to shop success.

AI Hallucinations

What does artificial intelligence think your team and your services look like?

Shop Profile – D’s Auto & Truck Repair, Holland, Michigan

“I’m not sure why anybody ever came to work for me. We were a disorganized mess.”

Timeless Quotes To Teach & Inspire

We hear plenty of opinions in the aftermarket – some of them are worth listening to.

EV Charging Challenges

Charging will get better as technology improves and drivers change their behaviors.

Shop Profile: Roy Foster’s Automotive, Reno, NV

Roy Foster’s Automotive has been serving the greater Reno metro area since 1947.

Tesla Recalls Nearly All U.S. Vehicles To Fix Autopilot Issue

Tesla recall aims to enhance driver attentiveness while using the autopilot system.

Understanding Winter HVAC Complaints

Knowing the cause of the complaint might require looking at several components.