Finishing Complaint Diagnostics Easier When Starting Right

Finishing Complaint Diagnostics Easier When Starting Right

TechShop contributor Austin Brown explains how failure to check the basics can lead to unnecessary diagnostic delays.

What happens when you forget to check basic things like fuses and lights before diving into a repair diagnosis? As Austin Brown, contributor to ShopOwner’s sister publication TechShop finds out, it can lead to lost time and potentially failed diagnosis.

“Whether this should be chalked up as a rookie mistake or not is up to you to determine,” says Brown. “The automotive field is always about learning from your mistakes. Since I have only been in the automotive field for approximately six years, I still have a lot of learning to do, and I’m sure a lot more mistakes like this one. I have always been told, in this job, you will never stop learning. There is still a lesson to be taught, whether from a more experienced technician or learning from your own experiences. Hopefully, this article will help a technician save some time and keep them from having to waste time on an easy fix. I have taken away from this experience to make sure that checking the lights and fuses should always be a part of my diagnostic checklist.”

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