David Rogers, Author at Shop Owner Magazine
Build A Winning Culture By Allowing Failure

Yes, strive for victory, but great shops know that solid training moments come by learning from mistakes.

Business Growth Opportunities

What steps will you take to join Top Shop Operators in making 2023 exceptional for your business and yourself?

Out Thinking The Pack Mentality

The largest pack never moves as fast or lifts as high because it’s weighed down by low performers it must drag along. 

Preparing For the Business Storm Approaching Your Shop

Will you be caught unprepared when the free car count comes to an end?

Leading Your Team To Long-Term Success: Lessons In Leadership

Real leadership requires us to face our fears and do things that can seem against our nature at first.

Establish Successful Habits To Boost Business

Learn how to break bad habits and establish successful ones to help your business thrive.

Business Success Starts With Taking Control Of Numbers

Top shops understand what numbers they can control, and they measure them daily. Stack the deck in your favor.

Why Guaranteed Pay Is Not the Answer To The Tech Crisis

The secret to success is to incentivize technician productivity, and then empower them to hit their goals.

The Two Business Lies Business Owners Tell Themselves

These lies are destructive because they’re widely believed.

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working As Well As You Think

Don’t just eliminate low-quality customers, but maximize the valuable customers being driven by advertising efforts.

Resolve To Get Organized in 2022

The summer rush is behind us, and you have the time to get off that bull in 2022? Why not resolve to create more time?

Are Your Cores And Parts Costs A Money Pit?

Learn how to implement a process for handling core returns that makes you money, not loses it.