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10 Paid Search Strategy Takeaways from Autoshop Solutions CEO

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Automotive aftermarket veteran and CEO and founder of Autoshop Solutions, Danny Sanchez, knows which marketing strategies work for auto shops — and which don’t. Here are his key takeaways on why shops need pay-per-click marketing and how they can do it right.

What is PPC?
Pay-per-click is one of the most effective and fair marketing tools. You get to advertise your business with the biggest players in the game, like Google and Facebook, while only paying when someone clicks on your ad. You don’t have to pay every time your ad shows up!

Why PPC?
A majority of shops still aren’t using PPC, and it’s limiting their success. You are always losing customers, whether you want to think about it or not! They could be moving away or aging out of driving. That’s why you need to be constantly marketing to drive more customers in. You can’t grow or even stay the same if you aren’t getting more customers. When done right, paid search will drive more new customers to your business.

Stay On the Gas
What did we learn about marketing in the automotive industry in the last year? And how will that be important to auto shops moving forward? In 2020, shops that stopped marketing were in a far worse position than those that dialed back but continued their marketing efforts. We’re seeing the importance of consistency to long-term digital marketing success and business growth. Here are a few reasons to run ads consistently:

  • When competitors cut back due to an economic downturn, it creates a space for you to enter at a lower cost.
  • When you market continuously, you project stability to people and to Internet search engines like Google.
  • Starting during tough times is even tougher. Start marketing when things are good to keep them that way and bolster your shop through any potential downturns.
  • If you have your marketing set up correctly and optimized for your goals, there shouldn’t be any reason for you to stop it.

Paid Search is Fair and Effective
If PPC is unfamiliar to you, it might be overwhelming and give you a sense of unease. It’s normal to be wary with your money in unfamiliar territory — and you should always be careful with your marketing budget. However, shops need to know that PPC is a highly effective marketing tool that they need to incorporate into their marketing strategy. Here are a couple of motivating facts to consider about PPC:

  • With pay-per-click, you are shown as an option to users, but you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it.
  • You have to get all the pieces right, but if you do, you can get the most traffic and pay less for it.
  • The ARO from an Internet caller is over $700, and in some cases, $900! That’s plenty of motivation to prioritize every phone call.

It’s Easier With Marketing Experts
We miss the simple days too. The days when the Yellow Pages representative would stop by the shop once a year to update your ad and then be on their way are long behind us. Automotive marketing today has a learning curve, but it isn’t impossible. Your shop can skip ahead of the curve by working with the right marketing experts.

  • Paid search is effective but complicated. Never set up a big budget and forget it.
  • Use a marketing company to skip over the learning steps and get results faster.
  • Marketing specialists will set up and monitor paid search campaigns to measure and report results.

Do you want to Shift into Drive with Proven Paid Search Strategies? Autoshop Solutions can help! Contact us today to learn more or click here to watch the Paid Search Webinar on demand!

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