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Transtar Launches New AC Ad Campaign With Vanilla Ice

Fun new campaign features car enthusiast/musician/cool guy to create awareness of new product line.

Are Your Advertising And Marketing Costs Tax Deductible?

Even the most ordinary costs may actually be tax-deductible expenses – and even small deductions can help.

The Two Business Lies Business Owners Tell Themselves

These lies are destructive because they’re widely believed.

10 Paid Search Strategy Takeaways from Autoshop Solutions CEO

Automotive aftermarket veteran and CEO and founder of Autoshop Solutions, Danny Sanchez, knows which marketing strategies work for auto shops — and which don’t. Here are his key takeaways on why shops need pay-per-click marketing and how they can do it right. What is PPC?Pay-per-click is one of the most effective and fair marketing tools.

VIDEO: Five Tips To Direct Mail Mastery

Direct mail can be an effective marketing strategy if you do it right. This video is sponsored by the MyPlace4Parts Studio.

Choosing The Best Advertising Platform To Get The Best ROI

Current technology has allowed smaller shops to track customer purchases, reach new markets, offer a wider variety of products and provide better overall service, all at wallet-friendly costs. But at what point does too much of a good thing become, well, a bad thing? It’s a conundrum, and one that many shops – regardless of size – are facing today.

A Marketing Conundrum: Should You Advertise On Yelp?

To understand why Yelp can be a viable marketing channel, you first need to understand consumer behavior and their attitudes toward independent review ratings.

Marketing: Why You Need It And How To Do It

Many people hear the word “marketing” and wonder what the heck it really is and if they should be doing it in their shops. And if they are supposed to do it, where do they begin? The world is changing, and it’s time you sunk your teeth into the power of marketing instead of shying away from it. I’m here to help clear up some of your confusion and set you up for marketing success.

Video: Advertising Tips

It’s important for a repair facility to get everything they can out of its advertising budget. Keep these 4 tips in mind the next time your developing an advertising campaign. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

The Marketing Diamond

I’ll bet you’re using marketing backward. Yes, backward. The good news is, I’m also betting every one of your competitors is marketing backward, too. Let me explain.

Connecting Your Online And Offline Marketing

Your bottom line will benefit when you make it easy for prospects to get to know what your business is all about. Start by making it easy for customers to find, recognize and connect with your business.

Leveraging Your Shop’s Uniqueness To Stand Apart From The Competition

In the automotive service industry, we all need to accept the fact that we’re going to have competition. With competition comes consumer choice. And, as we all know, when customers are lured away by a competitor, we may not get their business back very easily.