You Have A Story To Tell - We Want To Hear It
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You Have A Story To Tell – We Want To Hear It

If you’re facing it, someone else will likely relate & learn from your efforts – or have suggestions that may help you.

The narrator in an old cop movie said, “There are 8 million stories in the Naked City” –  in your shop there’s at least a dozen more. 

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It’s true – every time I talk to a shop owner, service advisor, technician, supplier or customer, I hear a story about auto repair that I’ve never heard before.

I got into the business a million years ago because, frankly, I loved the storytelling aspect of journalism. An interview with a person is really a just a conversation, a chance for me to ask questions and then to tell a story. That hasn’t changed over the past several decades – but every time I think I’ve heard it all, something new comes along.

ShopOwner is looking for technicians, shop owners or trainers with a passion to share knowledge, expertise or experiences with other professionals in the industry. Using our powerful combination of media platforms, you have an opportunity to contribute to the conversation – to share that something new.


It’s simple to start – just visit our website ( and click on “Content Submission.” You’ll be able to quickly complete our registration and submission form and you could soon be a contributor to ShopOwner or one of our other automotive-focused brands.

The best news? In addition to seeing your name in print or online, you might even get paid. I’m not going to suggest you’ll make enough to buy a new lift or open a second shop, but donuts for the break room aren’t out of the question.


We’re looking for submissions of at least 250 words – but don’t stop there. As I’ve explained to countless contributors countless times, don’t worry too much about a word count; focus on the story you are going to tell.

Don’t worry if you’ve never written anything longer than a work order before – you don’t have to be a professional writer or journalist. We want you to concentrate on the accuracy and originality of your content. I work with a great team of veteran editors who can polish your submission for grammar and style – we’ll help you tell the story the way it works best.


What is that story? It’s up to you, but of particular interest to us would be a case study of a difficult repair; information about a new technology that is challenging our industry; a video or written review of your latest tool or shop equipment purchase; stories about shop management successes or challenges; long-term planning for capital improvements; making your shop stand out amongst your competitors.

You may say, “Those stories aren’t a big deal; it’s just life and business.” That’s what makes it a big deal. If you’re facing it, someone else will likely relate and learn from your efforts – or have suggestions that may help you. 


More information and complete registration disclaimers are available at  I used the phrase, “Tolstoy with a torque wrench” in one of my columns a long time ago and it resonated with at least one amazing long-time contributor. How about you? What’s your story? 

Photo by Miguel Henriques on Unsplash

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