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Welcome To The Family Reunion!

It is cliche to say, “Change is good.” With this change you are getting more, because we know you are doing more.

I have been working on the Brake & Front End, Underhood Service and ImportCar magazines for more than 20 years. In two decades, cars and trucks have evolved, but the most significant change has been  technical information and the devices we consume it on.

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When I first started, Brake & Front End, ImportCar and Underhood Service were just monthly magazines. Life moved a lot slower. Over the years, we added Tech Shop, Servicio Automotriz and ShopOwner to serve changing audiences. Life started moving  a little faster. 

Today, the pace is almost chaotic. Every day, there are new videos, webinars and newsletters published online from our iconic brands. But, we still do traditional magazines because you demand it, and it still makes sense.

“Change is good.”

Chances are you received one magazine for decades. We never duplicated circulation because it allowed us to go deep on technical topics and serve the respective audiences better. 

Brake & Front End serves shops that do a lot of brake, suspension and driveline work. ImportCar targets shops that specialize in Asian and European nameplates. Underhood Service has always tackled engine repairs and diagnostics. 

Each magazine is a product of their times, no matter if was the 1930s, 1970s or 1990s. We will continue to serve the respective markets, but we will give you more with the new magazine you’re holding in your hands or are viewing on a tablet.


Assembling the September issues of Brake & Front End, ImportCar and Underhood Service under the ShopOwner masthead this month felt like a family reunion. Readers who were once divided into three tribes now get to meet the other members of the family.

But there is a lot more than this magazine. Each of those respective (and, I’ll admit it, respected) titles have unique content that can only be found on the four websites filled with videos, webinars, podcasts and breaking news on the industry and new products.

It is cliche to say, “Change is good.” With this change you are getting more, because we know you are doing more.

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