Expand Long-Term or Short-Term Parking with New BendPak Lift -

Expand Long-Term or Short-Term Parking with New BendPak Lift

PL-6000DC two-post lifts can be ganged together to fit more in less space.

Maximize space with the new BendPak PL-6000DC two-post parking lift. It’s designed to be ganged together with shared columns so more lifts can fit in a smaller area, indoors or outside. 

With a rated capacity of 6,000 pounds, the commercial-grade PL-6000DC can be installed in a typical 8-foot parking space and accommodates a wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, light trucks, sedans, and sports cars. It offers a great combination for both long-term and short-term parking. Generally, long-term parking is on the upper level and short-term is below. 

“The PL-6000DC was specifically designed to accommodate the needs of an array of businesses, from real estate developers, architects, and engineers to automobile dealers, car collectors, and commercial parking operators,” says Sean Price, BendPak director of sales operations. “When you’re constrained by space, you want to use what you have as efficiently as possible. The PL-6000DC’s compact footprint and ganged column design lets you optimize a parking area. Plus, it’s easy and economical to operate.”

The PL-6000DC uses dual telescoping direct-drive hydraulic cylinders to deliver better reliability, smoother operation, and lower maintenance than lifting chains or screw mechanisms. The platform can be stopped at various heights to fit a range of vehicles and ceiling heights. Automatic load-holding devices automatically engage as the parking lift raises, preventing sudden free fall in the unlikely event of a component failure. 

Additional safety features of the BendPak PL-6000DC lift include automatic locking during a power outage, emergency stop button, and upper limit switch.

For more information about the BendPak PL-6000DC dual-column parking lift, including specifications, photos, user manual and warranty, visit bendpak.com/car-lifts/parking-lifts/pl-6000dc/.

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