A Customer Asks, 'What's The Worst Case Scenario?' -

A Customer Asks, ‘What’s The Worst Case Scenario?’

Don't ever let yourself be misled by this question. All of the options that you offer have one thing in common - they're all good options, otherwise you wouldn't be offering them.

Don’t ever let yourself be misled by this question. All of the options that you offer have one thing in common – they’re all good options, otherwise you wouldn’t be offering them.

Even if one of those options carries the highest price tag, it may very well be the best choice for your customer.  Don’t fall into the trap where you start viewing the highest priced solutions you offer as the “worst cases” for your customers.

So the next time a customer asks, “What’s the worst case scenario?”  say something like this: “The worst case scenario would be for you to continue driving the vehicle the way it is, because the longer you drive it, the more it may cost. Right now we have more questions than answers, so what we need to do is a complete inspection. As soon as we’re done, we’ll discuss all of the options that are available to you, and I’m confident you’ll like all of them. So all that I’ll need now is your authorization, and we’ll get started on the inspection right away.”

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