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Quality Triumphs!

New technologies have changed how we interact with our cars. But replacement parts quality matters more than ever.

Lifecycle of Auto Parts: Are You Taking the Steps You Need?

Part 1: The Part Arrives, Time to Investigate Let’s start at the beginning of a part’s journey: the delivery. A part of your vehicle has failed–let’s say a fuel pump. After performing some research, you order the new pump, take it home, and open the box. Only for you to notice that there are pieces

Mevotech Announces Front-End Coverage For Tesla Model S

Coverage includes ball joints, control arms, stabilizer-bar links and inner and outer tie-rod ends.

Auto Care Association Says Alibaba Is A Notorious Market For Counterfeit Auto Parts

The Auto Care Association submitted comments to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative in response to member complaints regarding the proliferation of online supply chains based in China that allow the online distribution of counterfeit parts.

Report: Amazon Gearing Up For Parts Business

Online mega-retailer Amazon has reportedly signed contracts with some of the country’s largest parts manufacturers, which could align the retailer to join to aftermarket auto parts business.