Strategies for Navigating the Aftermarket M&A Landscape

Strategies for Navigating the Aftermarket M&A Landscape

Certain factors are attracting investors to the aftermarket and how economic factors influence M&A frequency.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell an aftermarket business or not, paying attention to the M&A landscape can tell you a lot about the trends in our industry. For example, what does it mean for the aftermarket when M&A activity is hot? Which segments are ripe for investment? And how do you predict what economic factors are affecting M&A at a certain time?

Rick Schwartz, CEO and managing partner at Schwartz Advisors, has answers to those questions and more in the latest installment of The Schwartz Advisors Report. In this episode, Schwartz shares:

  • Schwartz Advisors’ involvement across various segments of the automotive aftermarket;
  • The attractiveness of the vehicle aftermarket to investors due to factors like aging vehicle populations;
  • How economic factors influence businesses in demand;
  • Qualities that make a company desirable to investors.

Interested in more M&A and consolidation reports? Catch more of the Schwartz Advisors Report here.

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