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Replacing Tesla Wheel Bearings

Good news – servicing the hub unit on a Tesla is the same as with many traditional cars and light trucks.

Get Ready To Lift Electric Vehicles

Future EV service will require shops to invest in equipment engineered specifically for safety, proper operation.

Using Technology To Manage Workflow

In all likelihood, your shop management system already has built-In functions to maximize operations.

Maine Shop Profile – CW Repair, Pittston, ME

For this Auto Value Certified Service Center in Pittston, ME, ‘Service is the difference’ and empathy is key.

Free Tesla Service Information From An Unlikely Source

I’m not a Tesla “fanboy,” but it’s hard to hate an auto company that makes service information available for free.

Developing Successful Marketing Campaigns

The story your community hears – and tells – about your shop starts with your customer service.

Numbers Game – Adding Up Aftermarket Opportunities

You’re part of a $400 billion dollar domestic industry which, in turn, is part of a $1.6 trillion global industry!

Establish Successful Habits To Boost Business

Learn how to break bad habits and establish successful ones to help your business thrive.

The August Edition of ShopOwner is Available Now

Every issue of ShopOwner includes valuable business management and technical editorial content.

Understanding The Evolution Of Charging Test Equipment

Modern charging system testers are programmed to know what they should see on each and every vehicle.