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Skin Deep: An Unblemished Look At Tattoos And Hiring

So maybe you don’t have a tattoo. And maybe you don’t have purple hair. But it’s important to look beyond that and get to know the person sitting across from you … because that might be the person whom you’ll be interviewing next.

Delivering A World-Class Customer Experience

Putting all of these elements together – consistently – can make the difference between a one-time customer and a customer for life.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

As a trade journalist covering the automotive aftermarket, the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) is our Super Bowl, and it takes place in late October/early November every year in Las Vegas, said Shop Owner Editor Josh Cable.

Miles Auto Service: Miles Ahead Of The Competition

Fred White, owner of Miles Auto Service in Sewell, New Jersey, admits he’s learned plenty from his mistakes as a shop owner, particularly in his previous two shops.

The Key To Establishing An Excellent Reputation In Your Market

Establishing dynamic relationships with your customers as an extension of your brand is known as “Relationship Marketing.”

Should I Implement A Shop Telematics Program?

Everywhere you look today – whether it’s online, in trade publications or notices from ASA – you hear about telematics. Currently though, all the press on telematics refers to autonomous vehicles, “Right to Repair” and numerous other topics that speak to the future. How to process all of this information and what to do about it today is left out of all of these conversations.

Executive Interview: Fletcher Lord III, President Of Crow-Burlingame

Fletcher Lord III represents the fourth generation of the Crow family to help lead Crow-Burlingame, a Little Rock, Arkansas-based parts distributor that celebrated its 100th anniversary in April. Lord III, a great-grandson of co-founder Bob Crow, was named president during the company’s centennial celebration in Little Rock, coinciding with several other executive appointments that signal the next chapter for the venerable parts firm.

Choosing The Best Advertising Platform To Get The Best ROI

Current technology has allowed smaller shops to track customer purchases, reach new markets, offer a wider variety of products and provide better overall service, all at wallet-friendly costs. But at what point does too much of a good thing become, well, a bad thing? It’s a conundrum, and one that many shops – regardless of size – are facing today.

Shop Profile: Gustafson Brothers In Huntington Beach, California

They say necessity is the mother of invention. That proverb certainly rings true for John Gustafson, co-founder and president of Gustafson Brothers in Huntington Beach, California, whose hardscrabble upbringing was the impetus for launching a multimillion-dollar repair business.

Sensors, Sensors … And More Sensors

Repairers are being advised to buckle up and get ready for the technology tidal wave that’s about to hit the auto industry. The question is: How soon will it get here?

Shop Profile: Kaiser Tire And Auto Service Center

Joe Miles started his career in the automotive aftermarket as a technician. But he quickly realized that his strong suit wasn’t in the bay.

Matt’s Automotive Day of Service

Every year on Black Friday, consumers across the country get up at the crack of dawn and flock to their favorite stores in the hopes of landing bargain-basement holiday deals. At Matt’s Automotive Service Center in Fargo, North Dakota, however, the day after Thanksgiving has a different purpose.