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Shop Profile – Colorado Engine, Arvada, CO

Colorado Engine has built a
powerful reputation for itself by focusing on the whole powertrain

Road To AAPEX: Shifting Vehicle Service Gears

When the team started looking at the Blackwood’s transmission, they knew they needed help to prevent a lonely breakdown.

Shift pointers: Tricky Sensor Situations

Diagnostic skill implemented by one transmission technician allowed him to find success with two repairs in one day.

How Can You Tell When A Car Is Lying To You?

You may expect some fibs from a driver, but their car will tell you the truth, right? With transmissions, not always.

Dynamics Of Transmission Fluid Hydraulics and Shifting

Properly servicing your customers’ automatic transmissions starts with understanding fluid flow.

How To Get Started With OE ECU Reprogramming

In this article from Transmission Digest, the contributor explains what you need to do reprogramming.

Increase Profits With Transmission Module Programming

For shops already programming or for shops new to programming, the interactive discussion will answer questions.

Aluminum Protectant (VIDEO)

Aluminum components can be damaged by contact with other metal parts. This video is sponsored by Lubegard.

VA Transmission Shop Built On Lessons From Family Of Lifers

Shop owner learned business basics from family, continues to conduct shop operations the same way.

VW Passat/Golf, Audi A3 Transmission Oil Change Procedures

In this video, VAICO experts explain the service requirements of a 2012 VW Passat 2.0L TDI.

Leveraging Scan Tools for Car Transmission Diagnostics

Scan tool data and flow charts help you learn transmission functions by correlating symptoms to the eventual causes.

Simple Fixes For Bad Battery Connections

Sometimes the obvious cause of a vehicle complaint isn’t the right one. Your diagnostic skills are key.