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Talking Telematics – Dealing With Data

With more of our physical world now connected to the internet, many of our devices (cars too) send and receive data.

Talking Telematics

Telematics has become an essential tool for commercial and government fleets, as well as for John and Sue Public.

Global Telematics Market To Grow By $2.93B, Says Research

Growth will be fueled by government initiatives increasing the adoption of OBD telematics systems.

Mitsubishi Motors, Otonomo Partner To Deliver Connected-Car Services

According to the commercial agreement, Mitsubishi Motors will integrate with the Otonomo platform so its vehicles can seamlessly share data with third-party services and application providers such as smart electric-vehicle charging, parking, safety, concierge services, preventative maintenance and mapping.

Washington Post Article Investigates How Automakers Collect Vehicle Data

Using a 2017 Chevrolet, Washington Post technology columnist Geoffrey Fowler hacked his way into the vehicle’s data, discovering the vehicle had an internet connection that was always on, and also was collecting data from his smartphone.

Should I Implement A Shop Telematics Program?

Everywhere you look today – whether it’s online, in trade publications or notices from ASA – you hear about telematics. Currently though, all the press on telematics refers to autonomous vehicles, “Right to Repair” and numerous other topics that speak to the future. How to process all of this information and what to do about it today is left out of all of these conversations.

Cybersecurity Risks In Automotive Industry Highlighted In New Study

An alarming number of automotive professionals (84 percent) responding to a recent survey have concerns that their organizations’ cybersecurity practices aren’t keeping pace with evolving technologies.

Access And Control: New Survey Shows Majority Of Consumers Want To Be In Charge Of Their Car’s Data

Survey findings reveal low awareness among U.S. vehicle owners of the data their cars produce – as well as who owns this data.

‘Does Not Bother Me None’ – Until It Affects Me, That Is!

As I get older, I pick and choose the subjects I get flustered about very carefully. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, and worrying about some particular thing tends to be a distraction rather than a productive use of the ever-decreasing amounts of energy I have on hand. I also guard against getting too sweaty about anything I can’t control.

Auto Care Association Applauds Senate Commerce Committee On Vehicle Data Access And Control Amendment To AV START Act

The amendment requires that the Department of Transportation convene a federal advisory committee comprised of stakeholders to provide recommendations to Congress “with respect to the ownership of, control of, or access to, information or data that vehicles collect, generate, record or store in an electronic form that is retrieved from a highly automated vehicle or automated driving system.”

AAPEX 2017 To Host Technology And Telematics Forum V5.0

The forum, which is part of the 2017 AAPEXedu program, will show attendees how to protect their businesses, customers, employees and life from cyber attacks.

eRetailing, Telematics And Service Aggregation Boost Evolution Of Global Automotive Aftermarket In 2017

Recent research from Frost & Sullivan finds that penetration of eRetailing in the automotive aftermarket is increasing significantly and is expected to exceed $21 billion globally by the end of this year.