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Lifecycle of Auto Parts: Are You Taking the Steps You Need?

Part 1: The Part Arrives, Time to Investigate Let’s start at the beginning of a part’s journey: the delivery. A part of your vehicle has failed–let’s say a fuel pump. After performing some research, you order the new pump, take it home, and open the box. Only for you to notice that there are pieces

Today’s Lowest-Tech Fuel System Component

Are your customers aware that using a gas can to fill their vehicle may not work like it used to? They’ll need the funnel.

E-15 Summer Blend Fuels Shouldn’t Make A Difference (VIDEO)

Fuel worries shouldn’t include summer blend fears. This video is sponsored by Autolite.

Video: When Should the Fuel Filter Be Replaced?

Fuel filters are necessary to keep contaminants away from the tank. This video is sponsored by FRAM.

Carter Adds Water Pumps To Engineered Pumps Lineup

Carter’s exclusive selection of patent-pending Premium Rapid Fit Water Pumps feature pre-mounted components.

Bosch Adds 19 New SKUs To Aftermarket Product Lines

Additions were made to the rotating machine, oxygen sensor and fuel pump product lines.