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Understanding and Preventing Brake Noise

Silence noise with a complete brake job. This video is part of the Group Training Academy.

Brake Fluid 101: What Does Brake Fluid Do? What is the Difference Between DOT 3 vs. DOT 4?

When you think about the braking system of a vehicle, you probably think about the major parts you see when removing the wheel: brake pads, rotors, calipers and maybe hydraulics. However, one of the most important parts of the system isn’t visible: brake fluid. Brake fluid comes in several formulations for different applications and plays

Raybestos Expands Element3 Caliper Coverage

Raybestos Element3 brake calipers come with 100-percent-new components, no core return and lower warranty rates.

ACDelco Expands Into Fast-Growing TPMS And New Brake Caliper Aftermarket

ACDelco recently announced it is expanding its aftermarket offerings to give shop owners more choices in two high-growth areas: Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors and new – not rebuilt or remanufactured – brake calipers that will be sold with no core charge.