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Deconstructing ‘Business As Usual’

In order for businesses to weather this crisis, they need to make customer retention their top priority.

Environmentally Friendly Automotive Repair

Some people scoff at the environmentally friendly movement
thinking it’s just a fad, or something that’s “hippie.” But, that’s quite
the contrary. Globally there has been an insurgence of consumers
who are seeking out sustainable companies and products.

VIDEO: Why Your Sales Pitch Should Change With The Season

Every shop owner wants high-ticket repairs coming through the door, but knowing how to sell maintenance is just as crucial. To make the most of your service opportunities, focus on the seasonal benefits of items like cabin air filters, wipers and batteries. Adam Redling presents the top 3 tips for selling seasonal maintenance in winter. Sponsored by MAHLE.

Why Establishing A Vehicle Diagnostic Checklist Is The Easiest Way To Boost Profits

Whether a vehicle finds its way into your shop for worn rotors or a broken timing belt, you have an obligation to the customer to ensure his/her car is in good working order by the time it rolls out of the bay.

Customer Service 101: A Look Beyond The Numbers

The unspoken mantra of every business is something akin to, “See opportunity, profit off of opportunity.” But succeeding as an independent repair shop is more complicated than that. You have to earn your customers’ trust through transparency and a focus on individual needs if you want to become a staple within a community.

How VJ’s Auto Service Offers Unique Service Offerings With Family-Oriented Atmosphere

When VJ Sabanayagam and his wife opened a single-bay independent repair shop in Monrovia, CA, in 1997, they had no idea how quickly their small business would grow. In addition to routine maintenance, repairs and electrical diagnostics, VJ’s is also a factory-certified sales and service center for Onan generators and Blue Ox tow equipment, commonly found in recreational vehicles.

A Free Gift From McDonald’s For Every Auto Repair Shop

McDonald’s is giving auto repair shops a business lesson that is unlike any other: if you take your focus off of the customer, you will pay a dear price, if not lose your entire business.

Safari Ltd. Brings Environmental Responsibility To Automotive Repair

In an industry that is not often thought of as environmentally friendly, the owners of Safari Ltd. lead by example. During the past 10 years, Hugh and Kelly Phillips have endeavored to create an environmentally responsible and sustainable automotive repair shop in Grand Junction, CO.

How To Effectively Outsource HR Functions

Small businesses can not only effectively outsource HR to a managed services team, but can run a stronger company and more productive workforce with an external HR consultant, or managed HR services provider.

Adapting To Change – The Key To Success In Business

It is often said that change is the only constant. Nobody understands that better than Chuck Wichrowski, owner of Baum Boulevard Automotive, an 8-bay automotive repair shop in Pittsburgh, PA. He has built his entire business model around the concept.

Keep Your Business Running Smooth During The Summer Season

With the summer season comes a few things that companies need to consider in the workplace. The following are a few hot topics that may apply to your business to keep things running smoothly during the summer months.

Looking To Sell Your Business? Debunking An Aftermarket Myth

As a tire or automotive service shop owner looking to sell your business, you may be making the process even more challenging by mistakenly disqualifying potential buyers who would actually make great owners.