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Community Automotive Repair: Success Through Specialization And Creating An Inviting Environment For Customers And Employees

Having been repairing European makes and models in Grand Rapids, MI, since 1975, Community Automotive Repair owner Dick Zaagman has learned how to navigate the automotive repair field, both in terms of customer service and employee retention. According to Zaagman, the best practices that work in one facet of shop management often translate to another.

All Work And No Play Is Not The Secret To Success: Achieving Both Work-Life Balance And Shop Success

As small-business owners, we are often caught up in this obligation to do everything it takes to succeed. We feel that we owe it to our investment, to our future, to our employees and to our customers. So, we stay late, we fix employee mistakes ourselves, and we lose whole weekends working to catch up on the work that employees didn’t get done.

Traits Of A Successful Small-Business Owner: What It Takes To Bring Your Shop From Its Current State To Your ‘Ideal Scene’

I didn’t know much about running a business when my partner and I opened our first automotive repair shop in 1997. One day I was a technician, the next day I was an owner responsible for the entire shop and its profitability. I just figured that I could work hard and put a lot of hours in and everything else would fall into place. That notion was far from reality.

Monitoring Employees: Staying Within Legal Boundaries

In this article, we are going to discuss the steps you should take to stay within the legal boundaries if you’re checking in on your employees.

60 Minute Tune: Family Atmosphere Transcends All Other Customer Service Efforts

When customers visit 60 Minute Tune, an Auto Value Certified Service Center and a customer of Warren Distributing located in Granada Hills, CA, they’re greeted by the smell of fresh coffee and friendly, smiling faces. Shop owner David Jackson wouldn’t have it any other way.

Staying Connected In An Increasingly Mobile World

When most people think of connecting via mobile devices, they think of apps. Then they subsequently think, “I can’t afford to build an app to connect with my customers.” The good news is that there are several ways to take advantage of your customers’ growing use of mobile technology to market to them on a more personal basis.

Executive Interview: Scott Bennett, Chairman Of The Board, Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance

Scott is the President of Bennett Auto Supply, Pompano Beach, FL, with 34 stores, 1 distribution center, and over 60 Certified Service Centers throughout Southeast Florida.