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Two Keys To A Higher Car Count

Car count has been a concern of just about every shop owner I’ve talked with at one point or another. Most of the time, shop owners take it upon themselves to bear the burden of the responsibility for car count. But, the truth is, that improving your car count is an entire shop effort and can’t be done without everyone on staff buying in and pulling their weight.

Lynn Wood Service Center: A History Of Customer Service

Throughout Lynn Wood Service Center’s long history, one thing has remained constant: A commitment to customer service. General Manager Kameron Butcher is carrying on the tradition started by his wife Kellie’s family, the Woods, all the way back to the end of World War I. That’s when Clifford Wood started his automotive repair career working on Model T Fords.

Customers For Life: The Little Extras That Make The Difference

I know you will agree with this statement: There is no greater feeling of satisfaction than having a customer choose your shop to service their vehicles. What’s even more satisfying is a customer who has been with you for multiple decades.