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Adapting To Change – The Key To Success In Business

It is often said that change is the only constant. Nobody understands that better than Chuck Wichrowski, owner of Baum Boulevard Automotive, an 8-bay automotive repair shop in Pittsburgh, PA. He has built his entire business model around the concept.

Keep Your Business Running Smooth During The Summer Season

With the summer season comes a few things that companies need to consider in the workplace. The following are a few hot topics that may apply to your business to keep things running smoothly during the summer months.

Looking To Sell Your Business? Debunking An Aftermarket Myth

As a tire or automotive service shop owner looking to sell your business, you may be making the process even more challenging by mistakenly disqualifying potential buyers who would actually make great owners.

Seasonal Marketing: Why You Need To Plan NOW For The Fall Slowdown

Summer is the shop owner’s best friend. Just as surely as Independence Day means fireworks and Thanksgiving means turkey, the end of summer means the fall slowdown. And while it doesn’t happen overnight – just one fewer car here and another there – by September, the fall slowdown will be in full effect.

Hiring The Best Staff To Deliver Quality Service

How do you hire to assemble a team of managers, service advisors and technicians capable of transforming your business? Keep reading for tips on staffing your shop the right way.

Employee Reviews: A Shop Owner’s Guide Of Best Practices

One of the most common questions we hear from shop owners is regarding how often they should perform employee reviews. I would like to use this article to not only answer this question, but to provide you with a guide that will enable you to perform reviews that will keep your employees happy and productive.

6 Tax Tips For Charitable Giving

If you make charitable donations and want to claim a tax deduction for your gifts, you must itemize your deductions. Following are some tips to guide your efforts at donating business gifts to charity.