December 2020 Archives - Shop Owner Magazine
With Safety, The Smallest Miss Can Bring Big Problems

Your most important asset isn’t your building, contents or customers but employees. Adopt a preventive measure mindset. 

Is Your Year-End Bonus Program Hurting Your Business?

Bonuses are intended to be nice gesture. So why do so many people argue about a well-intentioned gift?

If You’re Smart, You’ll Keep Learning

A lot of the time, you need someone else to point out where you could stand to change.

Bathrooms And Windshields – Some Lessons Take Years To Learn

Life lessons prove that no matter the job, it’s really your reputation or brand on the line.

Setting Up New Employees For Success

Nothing can be more damaging to getting a new employee off on the right foot than doing a poor job with onboarding.

Shop Profile: Hilltop Auto Service, Byron Center, MI

For owner Ken Elzinga, his main goal is to build trust and create long-term relationships.

Four Ways Today’s Payment Technology Will Transform Your Shop

Make sure you’re taking advantage of new payment technology to be more efficient and productive.

Safety: An Ongoing Concern

Planning and continual review are always key to keeping people safe.