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Converting Price Shoppers: Using A Different Approach Can Win Them Over

Today, before a customer calls, they’ve checked out your website and online reviews. They are half sold on you already. You ruin the sale with your no-quote, “bring it in” attitude. Then, when they don’t make an appointment, you make it their fault and say, “Another price shopper.”

5 Most Important Parts Of A Direct Mail Letter

Despite the prevalence of electronic media, most automotive repair facilities, car dealerships, and financial institutions still rely heavily on good old-fashioned direct mail as a key component of their marketing arsenal.

Perspire To Inspire: Cultivating A Culture Of Dedication & Commitment

Just like anything else in this industry and in life – building a winning shop culture takes time and effort, in addition to strategy. Good thing no one in the auto repair industry is afraid of a little hard work!

Customer Trust: Are You Building It Through Your Communications?

Building customer trust is one of the most important factors in the growth and continued success of any shop. It is defined as “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.” When we look at it, communication is at the center of this.

Mighty Auto Pro: Raising The Bar For Automotive Service

Owner Bill Hill has set a standard with his business that all other repair facilities should strive to emulate. Beyond excelling at customer service and offering top-notch vehicle repair, Mighty Auto Pro has raised the bar in service excellence by going above and beyond the call of duty, each and every day.

How Are You Helping Your Customer?

The way we shop and the way we consume is evolving. We live in a world where convenience is king. The automotive repair sector isn’t immune from this evolution, says Kristen Criswell, editor of Shop Owner magazine.

Interstate Auto Care: Creating 5-Star Customer Experiences

Purchasing your first car is a milestone. For Bill Nalu, his experience was full of lessons that would shape his career. He learned about listening to advice, the consequences of actions, and eventually, auto repair. Today, Bill owns and operates Interstate Auto Care in Madison Heights, Michigan.

Executive Interview: Corey Bartlett, President & CEO, Automotive Parts Headquarters (APH)

Corey is the President and CEO of Automotive Parts Headquarters (APH) in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. He is the third-generation to be involved in the business. APH operates 125 corporate stores and 36 independent locations across Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan and Montana.

Managing Cash Flow

Without cash, an automotive repair shop will inevitably shut down, regardless of how profitable it looks on paper. You can be “rich” in accounts receivable and inventory, but cash poor if these assets are not convertible into cash to meet current obligations. In fact, cash is the only asset a company needs to stay in business.

How To Raise The Bar On Sales

A set of core values is the foundation of a company’s culture. They establish standards for proper decision-making and help employees understand why certain rules are in place and what they need to contribute to make the company successful.

Phone Spoofing: A New ‘Robocall’ Trend May Impact Your Shop

Your phone rings. The caller ID displays a number you don’t know, but it’s local so you answer it. Then, a robocall commences. Using local numbers is a new way phone scammers are hoping to get callers to answer. But, how do these automated calls get local numbers? Often, they are spoofed from businesses or individuals.

Software Update Apathy

Most software updates can improve the efficiency of hardware and the productivity of the user. This can provide the most valuable commodity your business needs – time. Better features, navigation and speed all add up at the end of the year. Better software, and even hardware, can give an employee a few extra days.