Tom Palermo, Author at Shop Owner Magazine
Walking A Tightrope: Balancing The Daily Challenges Of Running A Shop

The term “leadership” is tossed around often in every industry. Everyone is looking for a way to build the better mousetrap and find the miraculous revelation that will propel us to the next level of leadership stardom.

Differentiating Your Shop With A Unique Brand Promise

So what separates a good shop from a great shop? There are many answers to that question. Is it location, training, techs, management? These are just a few, but one thing is certain: If a shop owner doesn’t concentrate on branding, all that other work and planning won’t matter.

Training Your Techs Reduces Turnover And Will Help Take Our Industry To The Next Level

How do we train our employees, increase their capabilities and retain them after we have invested our precious resources? In order to do that, we need to understand why we train and define how to make it work for us for the long-term.

Streamlining Workflow To Maximize Shop Efficiency And Productivity

Workflow and efficiency are the true measures of the success or failure of converging processes behind the scenes. And, as hard as we work to perfect those processes, they should be seamless to the customer. What we need to remember is that our industry isn’t solely about repairing vehicles – it’s also about relationships.

Technician Shortage Fueled By Lack Of Knowledge About Automotive Career Opportunities

There are fewer techs available than there were before. So, it has become necessary to figure out new, creative ways of attracting techs to your shop.