Rich White, Author at Shop Owner Magazine
Make Education A Key Component Of Your National Car Care Month Plans

As today’s vehicles have become more technologically advanced, educating your customers thoroughly about auto care will help them better understand all the data that is now available on their dashboard. Seeing the term “oil life” displayed on an in-car screen may mean different things to different people. Helping your customers clearly understand will go a long way to helping them be more proactive when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

Proactive National Car Care Month Plan Could Lead To More Business

As gas prices continue to drop, ­consumers will have a few more dollars in their pockets to spend on essentials, like vehicle repair and service. Getting customers to spend some of those dollars in your shop should be one of your goals this spring. With National Car Care Month on the horizon in April, there is no better time to put a proactive plan in place to convince your customers to invest some of that extra cash in their vehicles to keep them running better and longer.