Jody DeVere, Author at Shop Owner Magazine
Common Customer Service Myths, Work As A Team To Ensure ‘Customers For Life’

Ever since the phrase “the customer is always right” was coined, it surely has been the bane of every worker whose title includes the word “associate” or “representative.”

Appeal To All Senses To Keep Customers, Especially Female Customers

We know that women are the majority purchasers of all automotive items in North America today, so if you’re looking to step up your sales figures, you’re going to need to reach women. And in doing so, you’ll gain favor with all customers.

Use Cause-Related Marketing to Boost Sales

If you’re looking to increase your repair shop’s exposure in your local community, a cause-related event is virtually guaranteed to get some much-desired exposure, help you earn the trust and respect of your current and potential customers – and, not to mention, help out a great cause.

Score Points with Customers by Creating a Child-Friendly Waiting Area

Generally speaking, as long as we don’t feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, we adults don’t mind waiting a little bit for good work. Plush furniture, a flat-screen television, relevant reading material and a cozy atmosphere will keep parents pleasant while they’re waiting, but their children require a different sort of comfort.

Attract Female Customers to Boost Your Shop’s Word-of-Mouth Power

Testimonials from customers who are raving fans of your shop are among the best methods for gaining new customers. And a major segment of that word-of-mouth promotion is made up of your female customers.