Use Cause-Related Marketing to Boost Sales -

Use Cause-Related Marketing to Boost Sales

If you're looking to increase your repair shop's exposure in your local community, a cause-related event is virtually guaranteed to get some much-desired exposure, help you earn the trust and respect of your current and potential customers - and, not to mention, help out a great cause.

By Jody Devere 

If you’re looking to increase your repair shop’s exposure in your local community, a cause-related event is virtually guaranteed to get some much-desired exposure, help you earn the trust and respect of your current and potential customers – and, not to mention, help out a great cause.

Help your repair shop become better-known in your community by participating in – or hosting – special events or charity causes.

Whether you’re supporting a local organization, a national charity or just a great ideal, cause-related marketing is a powerful tool that can redefine the way your business is perceived in the local community. The following are five common cause-related events that have seen proven success among Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly Tire Dealers.

1. Go Green
Eco-conscious living is on everyone’s mind, particularly women, and it should be in your marketing every day. As an automotive repair and tire business, you’re already practicing green living just by recycling tires, engine oil, plastics and metals. Ex­tend that service to your community by organizing a recycling drive. Couple your recycling event with a “green” car checkup, inspecting all the components that govern fuel efficiency and emissions, and you’ve got a very green event.

2. Support Local Shelters
Every city has a women’s shelter or organization like the YWCA that is always in need. Find out what these groups are looking for and set yourself up as a donation hub. Whether it’s diapers, baby formula, cell phones, non-perishable food, clothing or all of the above, supporting local causes like this is great for local visibility and helps real families in need right in your own backyard.

3. Breast Cancer Awareness
Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a dedicated event for this important cause is sure to be a hit. Pink, of course, is the theme, so find innovative and eye-catching ways to make your shop pink for the month: pink lights in your signage, pink tint on the windows – the sky’s the limit. There’s no shortage of great charities to support for this cause.

Choose a cause that has personal meaning and customers will see you as a human being instead of just another repair shop.

4. Support Children in Need
Consider setting yourself up as a Toys for Tots donation center during the winter months. This organization, run by the U.S. Marine Corps, has an impeccable reputation for doing a great amount of good for children in real need. You can collect toys through November and December, so consider a big, easily visible container for the task.

5. Find Your Cause
Sometimes the answer to the right charity for you is no farther than your own family. Let the public know via social media, press releases and television just why your chosen charity is so dear to you, and something incredible will happen. You’ll be seen as a human being instead of just another tire dealer. Whatever the cause that’s on your own conscience, be a champion of it at every opportunity you have, and you’ll soon find you’re no longer just “my tire guy” – you’re a real person helping other people, and that’s a powerful thing.

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