Debbie Briggs, Author at Shop Owner Magazine
Lynn Wood Service Center: A History Of Customer Service

Throughout Lynn Wood Service Center’s long history, one thing has remained constant: A commitment to customer service. General Manager Kameron Butcher is carrying on the tradition started by his wife Kellie’s family, the Woods, all the way back to the end of World War I. That’s when Clifford Wood started his automotive repair career working on Model T Fords.

Winners Auto & Cycle: Integrity And Connecting With Customers Are Keys To Shop’s Success

As a customer, having peace of mind when dropping off a vehicle for service is crucial. And, knowing that the shop’s staff and technicians will repair your vehicle right the first time will most likely keep you coming back for future service. It’s that kind of customer satisfaction that Winners Auto & Cycle is known for in Brownstown, MI.

Barrett Automotive: Providing Impeccable Service In Cornelia, GA

As the owners and operators of Barrett Automotive, a Confidence Plus® Certified Service Center and Bumper to Bumper customer, Justin and Nicole Barrett have built a solid team that includes two technicians who, along with Justin, work on all makes and models of vehicles. The shop now boasts six bays, up from two, since construction of a new building was completed in July 2017.

Speed Wrench: Providing Repairs And Customer Service With A Retro Flair

Customers at Speed Wrench Garage in Sandwich, IL, a Bumper to Bumper certified service center, certainly appreciate the attention to detail, whether it’s the authentic Texaco Motor Oil sign, or the reclaimed hubcaps adorning the wall.

Community Automotive Repair: Success Through Specialization And Creating An Inviting Environment For Customers And Employees

Having been repairing European makes and models in Grand Rapids, MI, since 1975, Community Automotive Repair owner Dick Zaagman has learned how to navigate the automotive repair field, both in terms of customer service and employee retention. According to Zaagman, the best practices that work in one facet of shop management often translate to another.

60 Minute Tune: Family Atmosphere Transcends All Other Customer Service Efforts

When customers visit 60 Minute Tune, an Auto Value Certified Service Center and a customer of Warren Distributing located in Granada Hills, CA, they’re greeted by the smell of fresh coffee and friendly, smiling faces. Shop owner David Jackson wouldn’t have it any other way.

Excel Automotive Repair: Where Honesty, Integrity And Treating Customers Like Family Is A Daily Team Effort

Like many shop owners, Minor Mobley grew up around cars. His father raced cars and owned several. Along with his brother and sister, Minor was underneath the hood changing the oil from a very young age. But when Minor finished serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, fixing cars and opening a shop were the furthest things from his mind.

Knight’s Automotive Repair: Owner’s Lifelong Industry Passion Sets The Tone For The Entire Shop

With a name like Knight’s Automotive Repair – and a logo to match – it’s only fitting that a full suit of armor in the shop’s waiting area greets customers. In fact, owners Peyton and Nancy Knight have received quite a few medieval-themed gifts over the past 34 years of providing automotive service in the Ledgewood, NJ, area.

H&H Mobil: Fueling Profitability With A Team That’s Committed to Top-Notch Customer Care And Exceptional Service

For a shop that really does handle it all, from fueling to towing to repairs, owner Josh Clayton is always looking for ways to improve efficiency at H&H Mobil, an Auto Value Certified Service Center and Auto-Wares customer in East Lansing, MI.

Colket Automotive Technical Services: Bumper To Bumper Certified Service Center Knows The Value Of First Impressions

When Ross Colket first opened Colket Automotive Technical Services in Lansdale, PA, 10 years ago, he quickly realized how important the interior of a building – and shop appearance – can be when dealing with customers.

Foreign Affairs Auto: Shop’s Competitive Advantage The Result Of A Differentiation Strategy Focused On Its People, Processes And High-Quality Product Offerings

While change can be good, and some might say inevitable, sticking to what’s worked for nearly 35 years is probably a good idea. Foreign Affairs Auto has served the European car owners in the West Palm Beach, FL, area since 1982, and General Manager Jonathan Ortiz says a focus on the customer has always served the shop well.

Concours Motors: Where Expert Repairs, Laser-Like Customer Focus And Technician Appreciation Drive Success

Competitive wages, free uniforms and year-end bonuses go a long way in showing staff that their knowledge and expertise is valued and appreciated. Get-togethers off the clock also help unify the Concours team.

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