Dan Molloy, Author at Shop Owner Magazine
Rediscovering What Moves You

You took the plunge 20 years ago. You are a business owner/operator. You, my friend, are living the American dream in all its glory. You get all the prestige that comes with being an owner. You get to call all the shots, make the big decisions and take Saturday off. You even have a cool vanity license plate on your new F250. You opened your 4th store two years ago in an effort to make more money and grow your brand. You notice how strange it is that you made more money personally when you only had one store. Yet you keep moving forward, and now with four stores, you’re in deep from a financial point of view.

How Business Results Are Tied To Communication

Here’s a claim you can mull over and consider as you reflect on your own company: “99.99% of all companies have no standards for effective communication inside the business.” Truth is, I’m basing that assertion on the fact that I’ve not run across such a company in the more than 20 years I’ve been working within the auto repair and tire industry.