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VW Passat/Golf, Audi A3 Transmission Oil Change Procedures

In this video, VAICO experts explain the service requirements of a 2012 VW Passat 2.0L TDI.

Diagnosing Catalytic Converter Problems (Video)

There are multiple steps to diagnosing a possible air-related issued on a catalytic converter. Sponsored by AP Emissions.

Quiz Show: How Top Tire Dealers Manage Inventory

Hint: the correct answer may not be as obvious as you think!

AMN Drivetime: Bill Long Seeks First To Understand (Video)

In this edition of AMN Drivetime, Long shares a few key mantras – and a few very cool photos from his incredible career.

Brembo Named Brake Tech Partner For Gran Turismo 7

60 years of Brembo history will be presented in the video game’s Brand Central Museum.

AMN DriveTime: Sue Godschalk (Video)

Sue Godschalk, president of Federated Auto Parts, shares her journey through the aftermarket.

Sue Godschalk AMN DriveTime 2021
AMN Drivetime: Hanvey Reflects On Essential Business Status (Video)

Bill Hanvey, president and CEO of The Auto Care Association recalls mentors, memories and meeting the President.

AMN DriveTime: Kevin Judge (Video)

In Episode 6 of the AMN Drivetime Podcast with Bill Babcox, Judge shares his industry advice and the lessons he has learned from his early mentors that he carries with him in his current role.

AMN DriveTime Kevin Judge 2021
AMN DriveTime: Larry Pavey (Video)

Episode 6 of AMN Drivetime with Bill Babcox, Bill sits down for a chat with Larry Pavey

AMN DriveTime Larry Pavey 2021
AMN DriveTime: Eric Steinbecher (Video)

In the 23-minute podcast, Eric and Bill talk about everything from the best and worst drivers around the globe, to proudest career moments, as well as some of the most significant technology changes

Eric Steinbecher AMN DriveTime 2021
AMN DriveTime: Jim Franco (Video)

In the podcast, Jim also talks about three significant learning experiences during his career, centered around customer service, handling team members and marketing, and how he’s incorporated these lessons into his own business.

Jim Franco AMN DriveTime 2021
AMN Drivetime: John Washbish Recounts Industry Tales (Video)

After six decades in the aftermarket, John R. Washbish is not only a top leader but the industry’s favorite storyteller.