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A Closer Look: Variable Valve Timing

Variable Valve Timing Overview In an effort to increase fuel efficiency and elevate performance across today’s vehicles, nearly every manufacturer has equipped new vehicles with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) technology, also known as Variable Cam Timing (VCT).  The primary components in a VVT systems are control solenoids and sprockets. These parts, in conjunction with other

Performing a VVT Service Properly (VIDEO)

When servicing a VVT issue, take your time and follow the steps.
This video is sponsored by Standard.

Variable Valve Timing Benefits And Systems Overview (VIDEO)

What is variable valve timing and how does it affect the way the engine operates? This video is sponsored by Standard.

VIDEO: Timing Chain Kit Unboxing

Andrew Markel and Cody Smith come together to open a Cloyes timing chain kit to determine what comes with each kit.

VIDEO: Lack Of Oil Attention Can Kill VVT Systems

VVT systems need proper oil maintenance. This video brought to you by The Group Training Academy.

VIDEO: Keeping Up With Variable Valve Timing

Just as with the engine itself, oil is critical to the VVT system. This video is sponsored by The Group.

ACDelco Introduces New VVT Solenoid For GM Vehicles

The intake and exhaust solenoids, recently re-designed by GM engineers, will be available for purchase at the start of the fourth quarter for 2006-’17 vehicles equipped with 2.0L, 2.2L and 2.4L Ecotec engines.