Your Recommendations Matter To Customer Selection (VIDEO)

Your Recommendations Matter To Customer Selection (VIDEO)

Your customers view you as the expert and are there, because they trust you. Sponsored by The Group Training Academy.


As a professional service advisor, you’re often the most influential person guiding a customer’s decision. Your customers view you as the expert and are there, because they trust you. If you suggest using a low-cost part, they will likely choose that. If you suggest a quality aftermarket brand, they will most often choose that.

So when the OE part fails, who do you look to? The company who made the part that just failed? A low-cost supplier? Or an aftermarket brand that engineers parts for correct on-vehicle performance and a long service life?

Automotive professionals agree that what’s in the box matters most.

For Standard, “What’s In The Box” is advanced engineering, expert manufacturing, rigorous testing, sales support and more than 100 years of experience.

These days, it’s not enough to just have “coverage” for domestic and import vehicles. Expert manufacturing with the resources to engineer, test and validate components that perform on the vehicle and integrate with complex electronic systems are the hallmark of products bearing the Standard name. With a product line of more than 50,000 parts that includes ignition coils, ABS Speed Sensors, VVT components and more, Standard has 13 fully equipped design and development centers in North America and around the world, including New York, South Carolina, Germany and Poland.

In fact, Standard’s ignition coil facility in Poland is IATF16949-certified, with more than 750 highly trained employees – including more than 60 engineers – who manufacture more than 6 million coils annually. Standard’s ISO-certified Greenville South Carolina location engineers and manufacturers gasoline and diesel injectors, as well as ESIMs and DEF modules.

Accurate parts lookup also is crucial to your success. SMP’s catalogs have been awarded the ACPN Content Excellence award multiple times. With more than 4 million application lines, Standard delivers precise, up-to-date catalog data, so you can be certain that you’ll find the right part every time.

Of course, even the best part won’t solve the problem if it is diagnosed or installed incorrectly. In order to ensure success in the bay, Standard offers expanded technician support through multiple resources designed to help technicians complete a successful install. Resources include hundreds of professional installation videos on the Standard YouTube channel, the SMP Knowledge Center, and free, live virtual training called the Power Hour (show on screen)

And the next generation of techs is covered as well. Standard’s Automotive Education Program (AEP) assists instructors and helps automotive tech students develop professional skills they can use in the bay, while providing an opportunity for them to earn rewards and help their instructor outfit the classroom.

What all this support means to you – and your customers – is no comebacks.

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This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

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