Why It May Be Time For A Redesign — The Lifecycle Of A Website -

Why It May Be Time For A Redesign — The Lifecycle Of A Website

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Have you ever thought about the timeline of a website and how redesigning your website could put you ahead of the competition? 

Every decision you make for your business determines how successful you will be. Your website is just the beginning of your digital marketing. When a website goes live online, it can feel like the end of the job. It’s easy to catch your breath and think the work is done. The site is live, has everything it needs to function correctly, and serves as a tool for your business. What more could you need to keep your business growing? The answer is simple. A website redesign can not only benefit your business and users, but ultimately it can affect the success of your shop. 

Keep moving with Technology.

Anyone using technology today knows technology tomorrow will be different. Developers everywhere are striving daily to improve and make it better. What happens when developers create a way to improve websites? Shops want their website to benefit from those improvements. If you don’t stay on top of your website, design, and digital marketing trends, you can easily fall short and lose to the competition.

Updates are a vital part of ensuring your website functions as best it can.

At Autoshop Solutions, we build websites on the cutting edge of current technology, making sure those websites have regular updates to their framework. However, regular updates are like oil changes. As the technology around a website changes and evolves, that website from two years ago slowly becomes outdated. Older sites underperform compared to more recent websites utilizing newer technology that was unheard of previously. Would you go a couple of years without an oil change?

There’s a chance you’re viewing an example of this same evolution right now! Take a closer look at your current screen. If you were viewing it two years ago, what would it have looked like then? Whether you’re viewing on a smartphone, tv screen, or computer monitor, the size, dimensions, and quality have improved from what you saw then.

So, guess what?

Over time, the standards for building websites have evolved to keep up with this progression.

In 2006 — the standard screen size was 960 pixels wide. All websites were built in a container to keep content framed in that window.

In 2015 — the average screen size changed so much that the standard container increased to 1170 pixels.

Today — the size is 1540 pixels.

On average, these major standards change about every two to three years. They can leave your website looking dated, anything but user-friendly, and sometimes impact performance.

The only conclusion — It’s time for a Redesign.

Redesigning a website allows you to update your website’s design, content, and functionality to better match the world around it. It gives your users the confidence that your shop is keeping up with the latest and greatest technology available to maintain peak performance. Your digital marketing is imperative to stay ahead of your competitors. Content, social media, SEO, and PPC, are vital in marketing your business. It starts with a website design that caters to your client’s needs and the services you offer them. The race is on, don’t get a late start, and stay caught up.

Autoshop Solutions is an automotive digital marketing agency specializing in websites and internet marketing solutions. If your website could use a new set of wheels, let us show how a redesign can benefit you and your business. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at https://autoshopsolutions.com/about/contact/.

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