Shop Owners Should Attend The 2022 DRIVE Expo

Why Every Shop Owner Should be at DRIVE EXPO 2022 

Event is being held August 25-August 28, 2022 in Orlando, Florida.

DRIVE is the largest coaching and management training company in North America. Since 1993, DRIVE has helped thousands of owners achieve their goals – both business and personal! The upcoming DRIVE EXPO in Orlando, Florida will propel all attendees with specialized training sessions, presentations from industry leaders, workshops built just for a shop owner needs, EXPO floor with companies specially picked for owners and multiple networking opportunities to talk and learn from both fellow shop owners and industry leaders. Plus, this year’s EXPO is being held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel right at the entrance of Universal Studios.

Why should you attend?

Reason #1

Made just for you, today’s shop owner.

This is a one of a kind, can’t miss event specifically built for shop owners. Every detail of the EXPO has been designed with a business owner in mind. All of the classes, presentations, vendors – even the location – are to enhance your learning experience!

Kevin Reichelt, owner of Steller’s Garage, has been a DRIVE client since 2008. He’s been to almost every DRIVE EXPO, from Honolulu to Savannah, and he says his “past experience shows a direct correlation to increased profits after attending a convention.” The EXPO has certainly grown over the years, but Kevin believes “one thing remains a constant – the people inspire me.” Whether it’s his fellow shop owners or DRIVE’s coaches, he comes away feeling “recharged”.

Reason #2

Workshops To Better Your Business

DRIVE has a wide selection of workshops available throughout the EXPO for owners to attend. These classes range from marketing services to recruiting tips. They’re led by DRIVE’s industry professionals and are tailored to maximize your profits.

Just a few workshop examples are:

“Recruiting and Hiring Today – Attracting the Next Generation” – If you want to attract the next generation to work in your shop, you need to understand what is important to them. This workshop teaches what “Generation Z” values so you can adjust your recruiting to attract them better.

“Smart Exit Strategies” – A successful exit requires a well-thought-out plan. In this workshop, you will learn the four main options for a shop owner to exit the shop and the steps to succession.

“How to Survive Extreme Inflation” – This year, inflation rates have reached a level we have not seen since the 1980s. There are specific tools a shop owner must use to ensure that increasing costs don’t wipe out the shop’s profits. You can remain profitable despite inflation if you use these tools effectively.

Previous attendees rave about the workshops, Debbie Jennerjohn owner of Ultimate Truck Service, says “The face-to-face experience is so beneficial, you are bound to meet new people and learn new things every time.” No matter how many times Debbie has attended DRIVE’s EXPOs, which has been since 2010, she leaves with an abundance of new knowledge and practical steps to implement in her shop. Attending these workshops kept her a step ahead of her competitors!

Reason #3 Management Training Sessions

Have you recently upsized your shop? Do you now have more employees than you know what to do with? Don’t worry, DRIVE’s got you covered! With our management training sessions, we’ll teach you how to handle your growing company. Instead of working for your business, we’ll train you toward working on your business. You can

take this valuable information back to your shop and implement the tools you now have under your belt. Your shop will be running like a well-oiled machine in no time.

Wade Lennan, owner of Monaco Motors, says the biggest lesson he’s learned from these classes is to “Never let up on moving forward – with anything.” Trouble maintaining staff? Keep recruiting even when you have a full shop! Not enough free time? Delegate your responsibilities and let your shop run itself! All of these lessons,

and more, are available at the DRIVE EXPO management training sessions. Wade says once he attended “a lightbulb went off in my head”, it was like looking at the world through new eyes.

Reason #4 Curated Group of Vendors

All along the EXPO Floor are vendors handpicked to help you! These vendors range from AI enabled apps to aid in repair to shop management systems and even satellite radio. Each exhibitor will have their own booth and products on display, some will even have live demonstrations available for viewing. This is your opportunity to talk directly with companies you use right now or should be using. Discuss the needs of your business with representatives from companies such as: BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY, Diesel Laptops, AutoVitals and many more. Each of the DRIVE EXPO vendors have been carefully selected to address the needs of you – business owners who want to move their business forward with greater profits. Some of the DRIVE EXPO vendors will be offering terrific deals only for attendees too!

Reason #5 Networking With People Like You

The opportunity to talk with other shop owners is invaluable. Having the ability to learn from someone who is going through and has gone through, what you need to handle each and every day is crucial.

Kevin says, “No matter how bad things get a fellow business owner has either gone

through the same or is there to help.” The EXPO is a great place to ask about recurring problems or even something new that has recently cropped up. You’re almost guaranteed to meet an associate with solid advice at the ready!

Debbie tells us networking is always her favorite part. “Seeing everyone, learning from everyone’s different experiences makes the trip worth it.” Between the coaches, industry leaders, and fellow shop owners a wealth of knowledge can be gained in only one weekend. Kevin corroborates, saying “many new people have entered [his] life,” because of the EXPOs. He’s made a wide range of connections while attending DRIVE EXPO’s: shop owners, DRIVE employees, vendors, and even the hotel staff!

Of course, we can’t forget to mention DRIVE’s annual theme party. This year we’re encouraging shop owners to pull their bell bottoms out of the back of their closet or don their finest sock hop apparel. After a long day of networking, workshopping, and taking classes this is the best way to unwind and mingle with the other attendees.

Reason #6 Acknowledging Your Success

Over this four-day event, all attendees will have the opportunity to learn, talk with other shop  owners,  see  demonstrations  from  companies  on  the  EXPO  floor,  watch

presentations of the newest management software on the market and of course workshops. But it’s also important to step back and acknowledge shops that are succeeding. Shops that are being managed well with a well-trained crew. That’s what happens at the DRIVE EXPO AWARDS DINNER on Friday night. The coveted DRIVE AWARDS from Effective Shop Manager, Competent Shop Manager to the prized Master and Master Elite Shop Manager designation – each represents excellence at different stages of ownership.

Reason #7 Location!

There are many reasons you should attend this year’s DRIVE EXPO. From training, networking to seeing friends you haven’t seen in a few years. But we would be remise not to also mention this year’s location. It’s not just in Florida, but Orlando. AND

because it all happens at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels, you will be located directly at the entrance of Universal Orlando. The brand-new Jurassic World VelociCoaster ride is just waiting for you!

DRIVE encourages all shop owners to register for this August event. It’s a one of a kind gathering of fellow shop owners that you do not want to miss! REGISTER HERE!

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