What Is The Value Of Routine Vehicle Maintenance? -

What Is The Value Of Routine Vehicle Maintenance?

The first step in keeping your customers' vehicles in top-running condition is getting them in the mindset about the value of preventive maintenance, so that they take a proactive role in having you regularly maintain their vehicles, says Mary DellaValle, editor of ImportCar magazine.

The first step in keeping your customers’ vehicles in top-running condition is getting them in the mindset about the value of preventive maintenance, so that they take a proactive role in having you regularly maintain their vehicles.

While it’s counter to the familiar saying, accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, there may be some merit to pointing out the downsides of vehicle neglect to drive home the point that car care awareness and proper vehicle maintenance pays dividends.

1. Higher repair costs down the road. When seemingly minor repairs are not caught early, they have more of a multiplying effect on other components and related systems, turning small ticket repairs into big ones.

2. Detriment to vehicle resale value. Vehicles that are neglected don’t maintain their appeal, both inside and out, and won’t demand a higher price at resale time.

3. Reduced safety. When key vehicle systems are not performing as designed, it puts the driver and other vehicle occupants at risk for a breakdown or, worse yet, an accident.

4. Compromised performance and less miles per gallon. Similarly, when complete vehicle inspections are not performed and necessary repairs are not made, vehicles won’t be able to operate at their peak. The underperforming components will put a strain on related components and reduce miles per gallon.

Want to ensure that you will be your customers’ first call for all of their vehicle repair needs? Then help them be proactive about maintaining their vehicle, before a breakdown or the need for major service occurs. Taking a lead role in ensuring their vehicles are performing at their best lets them know you care. You’ll be boosting profitability in automotive maintenance services, and extending the life of your customers’ vehicles in the process.

So, what’s the value of vehicle preventive maintenance to your customers? It’s peace of mind, and you can’t put a price on that.

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