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Import Cooling System Solutions and Repairs
Sponsored by CRP Automotive, the company that brings you REIN Automotive
Date: December 16, 2021

Have you ever noticed many European cars and SUVs no longer have coolant replacement intervals listed in the service information? This could be due to cooling systems requiring service or component replacement prior to that interval. It could be hoses, plastic couplings or water pumps. Your shop has options. Some replacement parts can be better than the original parts. These parts can create a win/win situation for your shop and customers when dealing with today’s vehicle’s complexity and longevity.

These solutions can simplify a repair and protect against future failures. In a 45-minute webinar sponsored by CRP Automotive, the company that brings you Rein Automotive, we will cover six common cooling system repairs on BMW, Audi and VW vehicles. These repair solutions will cover more than six-million vehicles on the road today.

On-Demand Webinars
Rear Axle Wheel Bearing Replacement Revolution
Sponsored by BCA Bearings by NTN
Date: June 09, 2021

Rear solid axles never went away, they evolved. New bearing designs, wheel speed sensors and advanced limited-slip, air locker differentials have added new wrinkles to the repair process. Servicing these axles represents a significant opportunity for shops.

In a 45-minute webinar, experts from BCA Bearings will cover what it takes to service a rear axle’s bearings and how to increase your productivity when doing these jobs.

Using the Right Jack or Jack Stand for the Job
Sponsored by Summit Racing Equipment
Date: June 17, 2021

It’s a no-brainer—use the proper tools to do a job and you’ll get it done faster, better, and safer. For example, you wouldn’t use wood blocks or other improper items to hoist a transmission or axle assembly into place. You would use the right jack or jack stand for the task.

This webinar will cover the use of specialized jacks and jack stands including transmission jacks, portable truck and lift jacks, and under-hoist stands. We’ll also cover proper operation, safety precautions, and maintenance.

TPMS Fundamentals: All You Need to Know About Troubleshooting and Servicing TPMS
Sponsored by Schrader TPMS Solutions
Date: May 26, 2021

TPMS service is a simple process that, unfortunately, can easily become overcomplicated. What is the difference between various TPMS sensors on the market? How do you choose the best sensor-type for your business? How do you service TPMS properly and efficiently? Which programming tools should you use? What is the difference between programming and relearning? So many questions, right?!

Schrader's Technical Training Team Lead and TIA-Certified Instructor, Yanick Leduc, will guide the audience through the most important best practices concerning TPMS service and answer any specific questions through a live Q&A.

Installing a Compressed Air System for Your Shop
Sponsored by Summit Racing Equipment

Having a way to route clean compressed air where you need it is critical to a well-functioning shop. A quality compressed air system can extend the life of your air compressor and air tools and make your shop a safer place to work. That improves productivity and your bottom line.

If you don’t have a compressed air system or it’s time to upgrade the one you have, this webinar will walk you through everything you need to know.

Key Points
• An overview of the current pipe options for compressed air systems
• Key components to look for when shopping for a new compressed air system
• Tips and required tools for installation
• How to maintain and expand your compressed air system

Why Are You Afraid to Recommend New Shocks and Struts? Consulting Customers on Shocks and Struts
Sponsored by GSP
Date: May 11, 2021

What is the one service your shop offers that can improve the braking, acceleration and handling of any car or truck? The answer is simple, shock and strut replacement. But why is this so hard to communicate to your customers? In a 45-minute webinar, we will teach you how to communicate to your customers the value of strut and load strut replacement. We will discuss how to consult your customers about the current condition of their vehicle’s suspension and the benefits of new units.

Fuel Pump Diagnostics and Repair: From Tank to the Rail
Sponsored by GMB
Date: April 15, 2021

With modern fuel systems, the relationship between the fuel pump and fuel rail is more complex than ever. The challenge is the sensors, modules and computer code that manage pressure and volume from the fuel pump. In an 45-minute webinar, we will cover what it takes to diagnose fuel pump and fuel system issues in a late-model vehicle.

Our experts will cover the complete fuel system from the tank to the rail for more effective diagnostic procedures, confirmed faults and lower replacement times. The presentation will also cover direct-injection vehicles and the relationship between the in-tank pump and the high-pressure fuel pump on the engine.

Are We Done Yet? An Intro to Preparing Your Diagnostic Process
Sponsored by OPUS IVS
Date: April 29, 2021

Diagnosing a vehicle can be a challenging undertaking. You'll save a lot of time and frustration if you build and follow a methodical diagnostic process. This free introductory webinar will focus on a series of steps and test procedures to implement into your workflow at the beginning of every repair to avoid misdiagnosis.

During this webinar you'll learn a defined 3-step process that will help guide you. Our presenter will share technical resources and discuss a few diagnostic case studies.

Topics covered:
• Basic Electrical Diagnostics
• Voltage Dropping
• How to Properly Read a Wire Diagram
• Scan Codes & Proper Research
• Understanding Your Process

The Road Map to a More Sustainable Future: Avoiding, Reducing & Offsetting
Sponsored by Pennzoil
Date: April 08, 2021

Emission and fuel economy regulations have become more stringent, driving the automotive industry to innovate with lighter vehicles, more fuel-efficient engines, and lower viscosity motor oils. Additionally, consumers are demanding more sustainable solutions for their vehicle maintenance. As a shop that services vehicles, it is important to be aware of the current environmental and industry landscape to drive towards a more sustainable future.
During this virtual panel discussion, you’ll hear from automotive industry leaders about how they are transitioning to a low-carbon energy future through a range of solutions.

Join this one-hour webinar to learn how collaborating with partners can help drive a more sustainable future. The virtual panel will discuss:
• Technological developments within the automotive industry
• The importance of carbon neutral lubricants to consumers
• Ways the automotive industry can avoid, reduce and offset carbon emissions

Car Keys: How New Technologies Have Unlocked a Profit Opportunity for Repair Shops
Sponsored by Car Keys Express
Date: April 01, 2021

Decades ago, you could replace car keys anywhere. But over time, the key replacement business shifted from the corner store to the dealership. Nearly every automotive parts category has developed a thriving aftermarket -- except keys. Why? Tooling, inventory, and training requirements have made it cost-prohibitive for automotive service centers to enter the channel...until now.

Breakthroughs in technologies have created one of the biggest opportunities for automotive channels in decades. Attend this webinar to learn how to maximize this opportunity and build a competitive advantage for your shop.

* Stop sending customers to the dealership for automotive key replacement
* Drive new customers into your store
* Increase your average repair order
* Make 50-65% margin on key and remote replacement

Low Car Count: Car Count Versus Customer Care
Sponsored by Bolt On Technology
Date: March 18, 2021

When your shop is able to breathe and consider the bigger picture, you also have the ability to build trust with customers. Trust with customers can be accomplished by using digital services such as:
- Automated messaging
- Repair recommendations
- Pictures & videos

With clear explanations of repairs all conveniently sent to customers via text messages, you will streamline the repair and approval process for both your shop and customers. This also serves to build a collaborative relationship with customers that will keep them returning to your shop and increase your revenue. More cars will not drive revenue; smart repairs will.

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